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Home Care Forms

New York Medicaid provides long-term medical care coverage for eligible individuals. Some service options include nursing homes, patient homes, and assisted living facilities.

Your first step is to complete the M11Q home care assessment form. This determines whether you need home care, and the level of care needed. If you meet certain criteria, New York Medicaid can cover home care services.

A personal care agency must meet criteria set by the New York State Department of Health (DOH) to get a New York home care license. The agency must:

  • Serve at least 25 patients unless it operates under affiliated programs.
  • Show estimated costs and submit a written account of funding sources for at least two months after obtaining the license.
  • Show competence and compliance by providing education history, employment background, licenses, affiliations in and outside New York, and legal action records.

The DOH recently published the home care application form in PDF format for agencies to apply for a license. An agency must complete the home care physical form, provide the required documentation, and pay a non-refundable fee of $2,000. Following this, the DOH will conduct inspections to ensure compliance and approve the home care agency license if the agency meets the criteria.

Starting a home care service in New York requires understanding the state regulations and developing a concise business plan, outlining the goals, services, pricing, and marketing strategies.

The next steps involve registering the business, fulfilling insurance requirements, and applying for tax identification and licenses from the New York State DOH. Before filling out home care forms, funding must be in place because licensing requires financial disclosure. Be sure to comply with state regulations, patient care protocols, medication management, and emergency response.

Home care is incomplete without qualified caregivers, nurses, and administrative staff. Services offered by Amazing Home Care can simplify the process of finding staff and providing vetted, certified professional care aides for quality care.

If home care fulfills these criteria, the DOH will approve the license, and the care service will be up and running.

Medicaid almost always covers our services. Our benefits specialists can help you obtain Medicaid coverage if you haven't received it before. Although Amazing Home Care doesn’t require a prescription to enroll, you will need a doctor’s referral to establish medical need and level of care, and we can even help you arrange a referral.

Financial assistance options such as Medicaid can help cut these costs for eligible individuals.

A caregiver in New York needs a high school diploma or equivalent education, but some specialized caregivers may need additional certifications or training.

Caregivers must be 18 and undergo a criminal background check and health screening for client safety. They must communicate effectively and be compassionate and reliable. They must be adept at administrative tasks, such as completing in-home care timesheets, and medical tasks such as administering medicine.

Caregivers must align their skills with the patients’ needs to enhance their quality of life.