Making sure
home is safe and sound

The proper set-up of the home is just as important as having the proper caregivers.
We recommend setting up the patient home so that it is safe, convenient
and comfortable.

Patient and
family information

Kitchen Cooking

  • Place a sturdy, straight back chair in the kitchen for a place to rest.
  • Place important, frequently used items such as food, cookware and dishes within easy reach.
  • Keep a small safety step stool handy for reaching items in high places.
  • Ensure all cords are out of the way to avoid tripping or falling.

Bedroom Basics

  • If stairs are a problem, consider setting up a bedroom on the main floor.
  • A portable commode and an adjustable over-bed table can be extremely helpful.
  • Order any equipment needed, such as a hospital bed, to make the bedroom comfortable.
  • Whether moving the bedroom is temporary or permanent, it must be safe and convenient.

Bathroom Safety

  • Grab bars for the shower and near the toilet are useful for safe transitioning.
  • Be sure they are permanently installed by a professional for safety.
  • Shower chairs, seats and safety frames can also be placed over a toilet for safe transitioning.
  • A shower chair in the tub allows for easy, secure bathing.

Living Spaces

  • An electric lift-chair makes it easier for patients to get up and walk around.
  • Move small furnishings, electric cords and any other trip and fall hazards out of the way.
  • Attach a small basket to walkers to help carry items like eyeglasses or a phone.

Amazing Home Care is at your service.

Amazing Home Care can assist patients in getting whatever equipment they may need, such as commodes and hospital beds. Our staff can also make suggestions to ease the transition and ensure safety.